Ong Hock Chuan

Ong Hock Chuan

Co-Founder, Maverick

Ong has started his career in journalism in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia for 14 years, in which he built a healthy skepticism for “solutions” that don’t show results and efficacy. In 1998, at the height of the Asian Crisis, he switched to public relations because the paper he worked for went belly-up. He joined and soon headed Ogilvy PR in Indonesia.

In 2002, he co-founded communications consultancy Maverick where the motto is simply to 'make anything complex sound simple; anything simple sound important'. Today, Maverick has become one of the leading communications consultancy in Indonesia known for its work in crisis and issues management as well as marketing campaigns that make a difference to the client’s business objectives.

What fascinates Ong is what works and what doesn’t on social media as well as the human psyche. He is constantly tinkering with business models to transform Maverick into an ever-changing and adaptive learning organisation to face more changes to come. Ong is a Nieman Press Fellow at Cambridge University.

Ong Hock Chuan

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