Steve Christian

Steve Christian

CEO KLN KapanLagi Network

Steve Christian is CEO of KLN KapanLagi Network, the largest online entertainment media network in Indonesia (based on Comscore and Alexa 2016) that he runs with his partners, Eka Wiharto, Ben Subiakto, and Dian Muljadi.

KLN was a company he started with co-founder, Eka Wiharto, in 2003. Since 2015, it is majority-owned by Mediacorp Singapore, a Temasek company. Run by over 600 people, the company grows fast vertically to breed 12 online media including entertainment, sport, general news, women's interest, lifestyle, automotive, and technology - attracting over 40 million readership per month. Christian believes that 'great ideas need great people'. His vision for KLN is to build the most-accessed content platform that will inspire millions of people.

Christian started in Malang since he was 19, and has been known since as a serial entrepreneur with nine-time exits from online companies he built. Proud of being known as a skillful coder in many programming languages, Christian's first online company in 1995, focused on providing free Perl scripts for software programmers all over the world.

He believes that startups will disrupt the entire industries in the country by cutting down inefficiencies. With over 20 years of experience in business, he is actively helping startups including Sociolla (a beauty store), Bridestory (a wedding directory), Printerous (a printing platform), (millenial media), and (video multichannel network). If you share the same ideas, feel free to send him an email at 

Steve Christian

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