Giring 'Nidji' Ganesha

Giring 'Nidji' Ganesha

Musician, CEO & Founder,

Giring Ganesha is not only a well-known musician in Indonesia with his band Nidji, he is also concerned with the state of Indonesia's digital music industry that he has made it his personal mission to raise the entertainment business in Indonesia.

Inspired by his own experience as an artist, he believes that the key to an artist's career is in maintaining close bond with his fans anytime, anywhere and everywhere. From this belief, Ganeha founded and became the CEO of, a digital platform for singers, musicians and art performers to maintain relationships with their fans. 

Ganesha who loves photography, is always passionate about his work. He once said, “Put passion when you do any business, everything else will follow.”

Giring 'Nidji' Ganesha

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