Antonny Liem

Antonny Liem


A geek in denial and finance management graduate, Antonny Liem started off his professional career in 1999, as an account executive in Fujitsu Indonesia. Learning about Enterprise IT and Solution Services, took him on a journey to several other IT companies, and eventually, became the president director in 2003, when he was 27 years old.

He then pursued his passion in marketing and branding by joining the then small 14 people startup agency called SemutApi Colony as partner and managing director in 2005. Eventually he helped grow the company into a group company with 10 subsidiaries, 15 brands and more than 280 employees operating as several agencies, a technology incubator/investor and several digital media and technology startups.

In summary, he has more than 16 years of experience in technology and marketing industry, with 13+ years in it as a key member of the management and/or senior executive. During the course he has consulted for brands, co-founded companies, executed investment rounds, raised external funding from international investors, scale-up companies and closed exit rounds through merger and acquisition. Most importantly, he learned a lot of hard lessons through many mistakes.

He still has a dream that one day, he can play piano, and own a coffee and steak house.

Antonny Liem

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