Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo

Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo

CEO & Founder, Bubu

Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo, also widely known as Shinta Bubu, is a pioneer in Indonesia’s technology industry. She established in 1996, which is one of the first internet companies ever built in Indonesia. started as a web design company, and with rapid development in the country’s digital landscape, has since evolved into a leading digital agency.

Shinta Bubu has also served as CEO of – one of the digital arms of Telkomsel and one of the first e-commerce in Indonesia. At, she managed to secure partnership with E-Bay. She also set up Nusantara Ventures, one of the first venture capital firms in Indonesia. Currently, she is back at as CEO.

Shinta Bubu is passionate about all things technology, and is committed to contribute to the development of technology industry. One of her initiatives include IDByte 2015 event and Bubu Awards, which brings in world-class industry players and honour the best talents in Indonesia’s digital landscape. She also set up SVATA – a non-profit organization aiming to bridge knowledge between Silicon Valley and Indonesia’s technological ecosystem. Her most recent iniative is establishing Angel eQ Network – a community of angel investors made of prominent entrepreneurs.

She is recognized as Globe Asia’s 99 Most Powerful Women in Indonesia, and is a batik lover and collector.

Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo

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