Jerry Hadiprojo

Jerry Hadiprojo

Video Production Manager,

Jerry Hadiprojo leads the video department at where he focuses on creating fun, shareable, and entertaining videos. A few months under his leadership, video has a huge increase in video view. The video they produced varies from comedy sketch, motion graphic, to a feature documentary, showcasing his team’s ability to produce variety of contents.

Hadiprojo joined in 2015, after a 4-year stint at, Indonesia’s pioneer comedy website, in which he worked as a sole writer/editor before becoming the editor-in-chief. There he is in charge of all the creative aspect and helped to find their voices.

Hadiprojo loves films, books, and action figures. He’s still hard at work, with the hope that someday he can write and direct an award-winning movie. But right now he is in progress toward finishing his first novel.

Jerry Hadiprojo

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