Ichiro T Jinnai

Ichiro T Jinnai

Director, Out of Home Media Services Division Dentsu Inc.

Ichiro T. Jinnai is in charge of Dentsu's out of home business transformation from legacy into digital. Before this, he had dedicated himself to establish programmatic digital media buying and selling ecosystem through AdExchange Platform across Asia Pacific region as Regional Director in Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc. Singapore.

Since 1995, Jinnai has been involved as an in-house entrepreneur in the digital advertising field. In 2001, he established a mobile media representative in cooperation with J-PHONE (now SoftBank Mobile) and Dentsu, named Japan Mobile Communications Inc. (J-MOBILE). During 2003 to 2008, Jinnai led J-MOBILE as Corporate Representative Executive Vice President and COO. After serving at J-MOBILE, he initiated to establish a digital media agency in China with Focus Media, named &c. Inc. in English, and 电众数码(北京)广告公司 in Chinese). He had served there as Chairman & CEO during 2008-2009.

Back from China, he was sent "on loan" from Dentsu to Cyber Communications Inc., a 100 percent subsidiary of Dentsu, the largest digital media representative in Japan, to launch and lead a new business unit named “Aired Marketing Headquarter”, focusing especially on the marketing using smartphones and tablets.

Jinnai graduated with a BA in Mathematics and a MA in History of Science from the International Christian University in Tokyo. In 1992, Jinnai started his carrier in advertising as a copywriter at Dentsu.

Ichiro T Jinnai

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